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Selection of Paint Booth

The operator needs to move around the component to paint. In such cases down draft type of paint booths are used. The air is sucked from the top of the paint booth and the draft is created in such a way that the air with over-sprayed paint particles is exhausted from the bottom of the booth.

  • Size of the product to be coated.
  • Rate of production (i.e. Paint Consumption).
  • Product handling method.
Portable Paint Booth


  • 1. Modular spray booth design
  • 2. Limits paint over spray to a specified area
  • 3. Pre-assembled and tested at no extra cost.
  • 4. Even suction over the full height of the booth.
  • 5. Ideal use for all type of paint applications.
  • 6. Minimises risk of fire due to solvent vapours and overspray deposits
  • 7. Provides for maximum operator comfort
  • 8. Designed for severe industrial environment standards
  • 9. Dry arresting of paint without water and chemicals.
  • 10. Easy maintenance.
  • 11. The advanced dry paint arresting filters design ensures high efficiency.

Portable Paint Booth Price/Estimated Cost in India

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Portable Paint Booth
Portable Paint Booth
Portable Paint Booth