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Surftech Engineers, We are a leading manufacturer, suppliers & exporters of Industrial Spray Paint Booths include Dry Back Paint Booth, Portable Paint Booth, Side Draft Paint Booth, Water Wash Paint Booth and Down Draft Paint Booth & Paint Booths Filters from Pune, India.

Why Surftech Engineers for all Types for Spray Paint Booths

We at are known for customizing paint booths to suit the customer’s requirement. With experience in over 50 companies and innumerable paint booths in various industries, we take pride in our insight and knowledge in this field. Our paint booths are equipped with various equipment such as paint arrestor filters, blowers, extraction/washing, chambers, filters, etc. which are manufactured and integrated under stringent quality standards. These features are properly designed as per the product and customer requirement to ensure that the optimum level of air draft is generated to assist in the removal of the over-sprayed paint from the air and improve the finish quality of the components.

Dry Type Spray Paint Booth

Types of Spray Paint Booths

Industrial spray paint booths can be separated into many different type classifications based on the method in which the air flow through the booth is handled, filtered and directed.

  • 1. Dry Back Paint Booth
  • 2. Water Wash Paint Booth
  • 3. Portable Paint Booth
  • 4. Down Draft Paint Booth
  • 5. Side Draft Paint Booth

Advantages of using a Spray Painting Booths

Spray Paint Booths are used for many more applications than simple automotive painting. Three primary reasons exist for incorporating a spray booth into your workflow:

  • 1. Hazardous Material Control
  • 2. Clean Painting Environment
  • 3. Explosive Protection from chemicals
  • 4. Clean Painting Environment

Paint Booths Price/Estimated Cost in India

Send inquiry or Contact Surftech Engineers today for all types for spray paint booths in Pune, India, We Surftech Engineers with you for continuously provide reliable products and support.

Dry Type Spray Paint Booth
Dry Type Spray Paint Booth
Dry Type Spray Paint Booth