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Selection of Paint Booth

The following aspects are important while selecting the suitable booth for specific coating product.

  • Size of the product to be coated.
  • Rate of production (i.e. Paint Consumption).
  • Product handling method.
Water Wash Paint Booth


Some Common Types of Industrial Ovens Include:

  • 1) The water curtain is achieved with the pump. Lower installed electrical load (thus low running cost), less negligible maintenance.
  • 2) The advanced air washer design ensures high air washing/paint collection efficiency.
  • 3) The air-slot design, opening at the bottom of the wash down sheet (water wall) ensures uniform air movement in the booth.
  • 4) The over-sprayed paint gets sucked in by the bottom suction itself.
  • 5) Superior construction: booth is constructed by nut-bolt.

Water Wash Paint Booth Price/Estimated Cost in India

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Water Wash Paint Booth
Water Wash Paint Booth
Water Wash Paint Booth